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How to Purchase a Suppressor

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to silencershop.com/NorthSoundFirearms:
    Choose your suppressor. Add them to your cart and include a tax stamp for each item. You’ll select the way you would like to register: Individual, Trust, or Corporation. We’d Be glad to answer any questions: please note, the Single Shot Trust is the most common, low-cost and versatile trust.
  2. Setup a Silencer Shop Account:
    Visit silencershop.com/NorthSoundFirearms to register for your account. We would be glad to help you in-store.
  3. Add a Photo to Your Silencer Shop Profile:
    Snap a selfie (similar to a passport photo) on your smartphone and upload it using the Silencer Shop app or email it to photo@silencershop.com. We have a blank white background in-store for photos.
  4. Sign the DocuSign:
    Silencer Shop will email a DocuSign to you. Please review and digitally sign the file from your computer or smartphone.
  5. Create an ATF eForms Account:
    Register for your ATF eforms account at eforms.atf.gov
  6. Ready to Certify, ATF Submission & Approval:
    You’ll receive an email from Silencer Shop that says, “Ready to Certify” and includes the phone number of North Sound Firearms. Please contact us at that time to submit your application to the ATF. After the submission, you’ll get an email from the ATF with the status “Submitted.” When it is approved you will get an email or phone call from North Sound Firearms to fill out an ATF form 4473 and pick up your suppressor. You may get an email from the ATF for approval prior to our call. Please wait up to 3 business days prior to contacting. We may not get the notification at the same time as you do. Thank you for choosing North Sound Firearms as your NFA transfer dealer.


In Washington state, suppressors are legal to use and own?

(So far…)

To check out our page on SilencerShop, click here!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the benefits of having a suppressor?

Suppressors not only reduce noise, but they also reduce the amount of recoil, which can help the shooter to be more accurate. With a reduction in noise and recoil, shooters are less likely to flinch.

2. What is the typical waiting period for obtaining a Suppressor?

Typically, customers wait anywhere between 6 and 9 months, however, wait times can vary depending on demand. Click here for more information.

3. I’m not sure which suppressor I want. Which one is best for me?

Purchasing the correct suppressor depends on a variety of factors, preferences and wants. Come see a Sales Associate to discuss your suppressor options and look at our inventory.

4. I’ve found the suppressor I want. Now what?

a. Come in to order your suppressor of choice. Very important: be sure to ask about the appropriate suppressor adapter for your setup.

b. Or order online at: silencershop.com/northsoundfirearms
Once the item arrives, we will notify you to come to the store to start the process. We will get you scheduled for a time to come in and create/certify your form 4. (Note: You must already have a registered e-forms account. You will need your e-forms login and PIN to certify the paperwork).

c. You will need to decide how you’d like to register your suppressor (Trust or Individual).

d. Let us handle the paperwork.

e. Once approved, we will contact you to come pick up your new suppressor.

5. How much does it cost to buy a suppressor?

In addition to the actual price of the suppressor you purchase, there may be additional fees associated with processing your Tax Stamp.

a. The ATF tax stamp will cost $205 cash, $215 card, or $205 directly through silencershop.com – this fee will be sent by us to ATF with your paperwork.

b. $20 fee will be assessed for eForm processing per item. This $20 fee does not apply to items purchased from Silencer Shop through our Dealer page.

c. There will be a NFA transfer fee of $75 applied to any NFA item processed by North Sound Firearms if not purchased directly from us or our Silencer Shop Dealer page.

d. Note: Washington State use tax will be applied to all transfers if you were not charged sales tax at the time of purchase. This is a state requirement and paid through us to the State of Washington.

6. I’ve completed my suppressor purchase. Can I shoot my suppressor?

In appreciation of our range members, if you purchase your suppressor through us (transfers excluded) you will be able to have a conjugal visit with your suppressor on a scheduled Suppressor Day while you wait for your Form 4 approval from the ATF. See Skagit Shooting Range calendar for dates. This is a range member only benefit.


  • No NFA transfer fee ($75)
  • Fingerprinting available 
  • One stop shop for all processing and fees
  • eForm 4 processing


  • No NFA transfer fee ($75)
    • Included when you select us as your FFL
  • Use your existing Silencer Shop account to process eForms
  • Members may be able to use on range while waiting for approval – see FAQ #6 above


  • NFA Transfer fee ($75)
  • WA State Use tax applied (if not paid for at time of purchase)
  • NOT able to use on range while waiting for approval


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